In SICARGA we operate with an standardized system for our internal processes that allow us to guarantee our clients every step we take.

We have at our disposal a management service related to the orders for purchase and sales, quality control, bar codes, etc. Everything foresaid with the main purpose of ensuring a complete service that allow our customers to have the peace of mind due to that a skilled and professional team in logistics management is responsible for their cargo.

We have over 7,000 squared meters  of total infrastructure with 11,000 pallet positions for a storage equivalent capacity of 19,800 cubic meters available, and  665 racks positions at a controlled temperature.

Our trilateral forklift equipment have the ability to operate at 14 meters high, providing a quality service.

The cutting edge technology, is one of the goals that SICARGA has endeavored to improve every day, thence the constant investment to provide the necessary answers for our customers.

Our storage service has the best location and space for your merchandise in order to maintain the quality required by the customer.

Inventory management is done safely, based on world control standards.