For those customers whose requirements are the frequent goods importation or high cargo volumes to the Republic of Panama, SICARGA offer a complete import logistic service.

With a detailed planning of our professional team, one of the most recognized in the region, we have managed to standardize internal processes, in order to guarantee an optimal and efficient freight service at all stages.

For more than 15 years, Sicarga has managed to import from major seaports around the world, which has positioned us as the most reliable option in the logistics sector in the region.

Due to our responsible commitment, ethical and professional in our planning activities of the cargo withdrawal in suppliers, our arrival control, freight cost optimization; among other, we take care about the complete customer satisfaction.

Likewise, Sicarga has a complete service ranging from import advisement, customs formalities, nationalization process and goods transits, providing greater security for our customer whose services are: either the Less container load (LCL) or full container (FCL).

Less container load services (LCL)

Sicarga offers the maritime import service of less than a container load (LCL), where several cargos are grouped with the guarantee to mantain the quality of your cargo from the moment of arrival until their destination.

By the very nature of the less container load service (LCL), it has a lower cost.

The delivery periods depend on the filling time of the freight container. But, we assure a services adjusted to the schedule of our customer.

We have managed to carry out weekly consolidated imports from over 128 seaports worldwide, including the most important seaports of Asia, East, Europe, the US and Latin America.


Full container load services (FCL)                  

The full container load services, allows us to ensure the customer the exclusivity of their freight container, giving you a greater security for the goods to be imported.

This service is widely used by organizations with the needs of transporting large amounts of merchandise volumes and importers who wish to ship their products safely and faster.

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