If the destination of your import or export by land transport is Central America, SICARGA is the company your organization needs, because we offer a complete logistic service.

We have the appropriate infrastructure to receive and dispatch any cargo to many places in Central America in a quick and safe way.

Our professionals team is trained to provide the support and the advisement needs in order to clear any doubt about the formalities, and to ensure either the dispatch or receipt of any cargo within time that our client expects.

Detailed planning of each stages for the import or export of your goods.

One of the steps to take is to preparing the documentation required to ensure the export or import of the cargo in a safe way in order to prevent any legal interference.

We effectively coordinate the loading and unloading container processes, we have the most advanced equipment that guarantee the quality of your products.

Our transport fleet has the most advanced tracking system, our customers might trace them directly until their destination.

In SICARGA we are always thinking about the needs of our customers and therefore we offer a complete import and export service to any destination in Central America.

15 years of experience offering a complete logistic service is our guarantee, with a standardize system in our internal processes. Our customers corfirm this. 

In SICARGA we improve ourselves every day.