In SICARGA we know that delivery times of products is important for organizations. 

We have at our disposal the most secure, efficent and fastest import and export service by air transport in the market.

Our partners network enables us to provide a wide coverage in different locations of the world, in order to dispatch or receive products efficiently, at affordable costs and with the quality that only SICARGA can offer.

The professional, ethical and responsible SICARGA team is in charge of providing the best options according to the customers requiremens. We adapt to your needs.

We offer the most complete advisement for import and export of air cargo in order to clear any doubts that could present about the steps to take.

We have the ability to perform all relevant formalities anywhere in the world, in order to ensure the receipt or delivery of the cargo without any inconvenient.

We carry out all the customs formalities documentation in order to ensure the fast service you deserve.

Our greatest strength is our customer support service, furthermore than a logistic service company, we are the best overall option that adds value to the distribution chain in foreign trade.


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